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Stop the climate heating – but how?     –     Old trees have priority place right   ☺
In the Internet on a search engine please enter the terms "Climate lie" and "Climate swindle" and then press "Videos".  It is financially attractive to leave the problem of global warming unsolved - a scandal !

Warning! If the white glaciers are gone, then the darker surface will be stronger heated up by solar radiation, than before. 

CO2 was not the cause of the Sahara dehydration already 5000 years ago, but tree cutting!  According to wikipedia, at that time we had only 0.027% CO2 in the air.
The felled trees could no longer absorb and evaporate water - rainwater flowed away!  There must have also been steppe fires.
Thereby due to the lack of heat dissipation, by desert spreading the deserts have grown so large that today, after 5000 years, they heat the entire
world climate, and today everything is going so fast that changes are already noticed from one year to the next year.
So today's supposed solution "CO2-saving" does not fight against the cause of the global warming!  A failure is pre-programmed.
This is dangerous for all of us!  For the following generations: Life-threatening.  The cause must be combated: The heat must be dissipated!
Enter on the Internet: "Earth viewed from above" and click "Images".  You see at the 1st glance that the deserts are the result of a lack of heat dissipation!

- do you want the deserts to grow further due to increasing forest fires *) and thus go on heat the global warming?
- do you want poor animals to die of thirst, be displaced and die out due to desert spreading and settlement pressure?
- do you want, that more and more drought-plagued, rich countries buy weapons? The Syrian desert certainly contributed to the Syrian war.
- do you want that the 0.04% CO2 content in the air becomes history, because plants are pushed back by the rampant human increase?
    With the population explosion, the gap between rich and poor becomes bigger and bigger.
- do you want to run the many electric cars with nuclear power from abroad because wind power is too weak and -wings break in storm?
- do you want the toxic lithium batteries of electric cars as electrical scrap in Africa (the used cars export to Africa is booming)?
- do you want the rivers to carry less and less water, and thus hydropower plants are no longer possible?
- do you want aerospace companies to fly the water of the earth to the mars?

First, get everything right on earth!

Momentarily only the "CO2-reduction" is suggested as proceeding against the climatic heating.
But it is interesting that the earth climate was already cooled in the stone age by another proceeding effectively.
This so long-proven principle should be taken up, it's simple to understand:
Continued after the two plant installation schemes.

*) Increasing forest fires: Signs of an unstable climate control - a serious warning and call for the stabilization of the climate control by heat removal

Installation scheme for the reliable cooling of the earth's atmosphere (only 1 km² calculated);
the most urgent need of much more than 100000 km² - you have to start building, before it's too late!:

What did you think?  Do you think with gaming with electric cars, the global warming is stopped?  Against the progressive drying out must be fought by means of salt-free irrigation!
The salt-free irrigated area must be increased until plants can ensure themselfes evaporation - heat dissipation - rain - climate cooling / until the climate control is stabilized.

 ~ ~ ~ │ ┌──────────┐ ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝ Drought area,     ┌──────────────────────────────────────────────┐
~ ~ ~ ~│ │Magnesium-    ˝ ˝ ˝  Desert land rich  │  1 Square kilometer = 100 Ha = 1000000 m²    │ Elefant
 ~ ~ ~ │ │production       ˝   in minerals       ├─ 1 km² arable land to irrigate salt free     │ Rhinoc.
~ ~ ~ ~│ └──╥───╥───┘ brine 8%   ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝    ☺ │                                        ☺    │ Gorilla
 ~ ~ ~═╪════╩═╪═╩════(◄)═════╗ Salt water with    ├─ Yield sugar cane: 6500 to/km² per Year    ☺ ├┤▓▓Lion
~ ~ ~ ~│    Bypass    │      ║ 8% Salt content    │  forms sugar:       691 to/km²Year           │╘══╛Kudu
 ~ ~ ~ │              │elec. ║ 417 ltr./min       ├─ forms bioethanol:  345 to/km²Y ≈ 945 l/day  │ Giraffe
Sea ~│              │cable ║ per km²            │                                              │ Peacock
 ~ ~ ~ │  Solar cells ├─────(▲)pump back          ├─ The distilled water evaporates through      │ Gnu Fox
~ ~ ~ ~│  □□□□□□□□□□□ │   ☺  ║                    │  the plant leaves, thus dissipates warmth,   │ Ostrich
 ~ ~ ~ │  □□□□□□□□□□□─┘     ║  Salt tester       ├─ thus cools the global climate,              │ Leopard
~ ~ ~ ~│  □□□□□□□□□□□   ┌─┬─┬╨┬─┬─┬┴┐            │  forms clouds that radiate back the sunbeams ├┤▓▓Lama
 ~ ~ ~ │  □□□□□□□□□□   ├─┼ sSDP ─┼─┤        ☺    ├─                                             │╘══╛Lynx
~ ~ ~ ═╪═══(►)══════════╡─┼─┼─┼─┼─┼─╞═════(►)═════╡  This way the cooling of the earth's atmos-  │ Gazelle
 ~ ~ ~ │ Main cooling   ├ airtight ─┤  salt free, ├─ phere is functioning since the stone age.  ☺│ Pelican
 Meer ~│ water pump     └─┴─┴─┴─┴─┴─┘  distilled  └────╥─────────────────────────────────────────┘
 ~ ~ ~ │ Seawater with  solar seawater water           ║  ┌──────────────┐    every km² delivers
~ ~ ~ ~│ 3% Salt cont.  desalination   694 ltr./min    ╚═►│ Bioethanol   ╞═► approx.945 ltr./day
 ~ ~ ~ │ 1111 ltr./min  plant          =1000000 l/day     │ destillation │    bioethanol          Top view
~ ~ ~ ~│ per km²        ¼km²=0,25km²   per km²            └──────────────┘        ☺☻♪♫                ────┘

    ═╪(►)═,(▲): Centrifugal pump       ╫,═╪═: Non-return valve, Valve        ┌┤▓▓│: Drink potions
            ╫   with Check valve       ║      Throttle valve, Bypass        ─┘╘══╛  for animals

The aim is the irrigation + heat removal from drought areas, one has to go further into the drought area; Arrangement of the individual stations:
                                                                     Gold digger feeling!
~ ~ ~ ═╪═══╪(◄)════════╦══════(◄)═══════════╦═════════════════╗      Drink potions for animals, they cool by moist breath
~ ~ ~ ~│              (▲)8% Salt without Mg(▲)               (▲)     /
 ~ ~ ~ │ ┌───────────┐ ╫      ┌───────────┐ ╫   ┌───────────┐ ╫   ┌┤▓▓ Monkey Meercats Amur Leopard Zebra
~ ~ ~ ~│ │ Magnesium ╞═╣_By-  │ Magnesium ╞═╣_  │ Magnesium ╞═╣_  │╘══╛ Bushbuck Snake Cat Chameleon Rhino
 ~ ~ ~ │ │ production╞═╣ pass │ production╞═╣   │ production╞═╣   └───────┐        Antelope Watussi Cattle
~ ~ ~ ~│ └───────────┘(▲)     └───────────┘(▲)  └───────────┘(▲)          ├───┤▄▄│ Gorilla Flamingo Mangat
 ~ ~ ~ │Throt.chk.valve╫  8% Salt with Mg   ╫                 ╫           │   ╘══╛ Migratory Birds Leopard
 ~ ~ ~═╪═══╪(◄)════════╩╦═════(◄)═══════════╩╦═══════(◄)══════╩═╦═══════════╗      Gazelle Lion Chimpanzee
~ ~ ~ ~│all goes over  (▲) Saltwater 8%     (▲)Pump            (▲)        ├─║─┤▓▓│ Lizard Camel Baboon Gnu
Sea ~│the Mg plants   ╫                    ╫ Check valve      ╫         │ ║ ╘══╛ Elephant Cheetah Donkey
 ~ ~ ~ │ ┌────────┐ ┌───╨──────────┐   ┌─────╨────────┐   ┌─────╨────────┐│ ║      Ostrich Zwergzebu Mouse
~ ~ ~ ~│ │Sugar ca│ │ solar seawa- │   │ solar seawa- │   │ solar seawa- ├┘ ║      Giraffe Buffalo Guanako
 ~ ~ ~ │ │ne field╞═╡ ter desalina-│ ╞═╡ ter desalina-│ ╞═╡ ter desalina-├──║─┤▄▄│ Hyena Waterbuck Gerenuk
~ ~ ~ ~│ │4x as   │ │ tion plant   │   │ tion plant   │   │ tion plant   ├┐ ║ ╘══╛ Lama Arabic Onyx Parrot
 ~ ~ ~ │ │big as  │ └───╥──────────┘   └┬────╥────────┘   └─────╥────────┘│ ║                Flatlandtapir
 Meer ~│ │the sSDP│    (▲)              │   (▲)Pump            (▲)        │ ╫ Emergen.valve  Spotted Hyena
 ~ ~ ~ │ └────────┘     ╫  Seawater 3% ┌┘    ╫ Check valve      ╫         │ ║ always closed  Turtle Impala
~ ~ ~ ╪╪═══(►)══════════╩═════(►)════════════╩═══════(►)════════╩═══(►)═════╝                Warthog Panda
 ~ ~ ~ │ Main cooling      Pressure    │     Dromedary Vulture Kirkdikdik │      Orangutan Trampler Spider
~ ~ ~ ~│ water pump e.g.   booster in- └┤▓▓│ Crocodile Hippopotamus Eagle └─┤▓▓│ Spoon Dog Ground squirrel
 ~ ~ ~ │ 3000 kW Seawater  termediate   ╘══╛ Stork Flying Dog Bison Heron   ╘══╛ White Lion Gecko Mandrill
~ ~ ~ ~│ 3% salt content   Pp.station  Drink Kulan Frog Waran Wolf Rat Letschwe Clamp Monkey Lynx Houseyak

Water vaporescends, thereby removes warmth and thereby cools the evaporation area immediately and efficiently. (therefore someone
freezes in wet clothes; therefore it is so cool in the forest).
Air lying over it cools down, so that air humidity can condense to a cloud (rain cloud). Aerosol particles (= dispersible types of dust) work
thereby as condensation germs.
Thereby the condensation energy becomes free in the forming clouds as perceptible warmth.

The rain clouds radiate back the sunbeams and thus their enormous amount of heat of Ee0=1,37 kW/m² back to the universe
(if a cloud moves itself before the sun, it’s getting immediately cooler; Ee0 = solar constant - varying approx. 3,4%, see www.wikipedia.org).

Down raining clouds let the plants sprout, which only then assimilate CO2, that’s vitally for them.
But a cloud only rains down if the water droplets are so large, that they can no more be carried by ascending air. The water droplets can
become only larger, if at them more steam particles condense than evaporate. Therefore it must be enough cold.

In temperate zones and vegetation areas it rains so much and/or it gives land floodings, because clouds ”search” world-wide for cool
Condensation areas and there the rain patters down in sheets.
Long, for a long time, the expected sea water level rise did not happen because over the cold poles many clouds were snowing.
Rain is the consequence of condensation (similarly as water droplets
condens at a cold beverage glass).
In order to equalise it’s necessary to create cool “condensation surfaces” in hot drought areas by vaporescending water.

But altogether the clouds world-wide decrease, because vegetation areas are cut down due to people settlement.
Television, Phoenix 2007-03-18: "Even in Brazil the rain quantity and thus the water power production decreases more and more".

Because of desert expansion (desertification) it's also going hot in our country and therefore there are more and more forest fires.
In wetlands, the nature reacts with a rain, since the smoke particles act as condensation nuclei - but when it gets drier ...

The increasing forest fires  i n t e n s i f y  the global warming because the burned forests no longer vaporescend water and thus no longer
dissipate the heat. Every control engineer's hairs are standing up.
This has made the climate control monotonously unstable, we have a global earth warming!

The earth itself heats up, because fewer sunbeams are radiated back.
On a earth planet photo you can see the Sahara sand brown without white clouds. There must also be white clouds above the Sahara.

∆╔╦╤═╗_⌂…⌂ₐ⌂__ ⌂∆⌂…⌂…┬╥─_…ₐ ∆⌂⌂… ⌂∆…⌂⌂…∆⌂…ₐ⌂ ⌂_…⌂…⌂ₐ∆…⌂…⌂∆⌂ ₐ…╓─┬╥╖…⌂∆⌂…⌂ₐ ⌂_⌂∆⌂…⌂ₐ∆⌂⌂…⌂ ⌂…_╒═╕∆

How strongly does the Sahara heat the earth by solar radiation, because sunbeams heat the desert floor?

Area Sahara: 9.2 million km²         1 km² = 100 hectares (Ha)        (Internet 2016: Sahara: 9.2 million km² / Brockhaus Encyclopedia 1973: size Sahara only 8 million km²)
                    = 9.2 x 108 Ha           1 Ha = 10000 m²
                    = 9.2 x 10¹² m²           Ee0=1.37 kW/m² heats up 1 m² of soil by solar radiation or would cool 1 m² of cloud.

Heating energy = 9.2 x 10¹² m² x 1.37 kW/m²  x  0.5      Factor 0.5 because 40% is reflected plus 10% because the rays do not strike vertically.
                    = 6.302 x 109 MW        a large brown coal power plant provides: 1000 MW   (1 MW = 1 MegaWatt)
                    = 6.302.000  ← Number of large brown coal power plants with 1000 MW each, if they had 100% efficiency
divided by 3 = 2.100.667  ← Number of large brown coal power plants with 1000 MW each, if they have 33.3% efficiency (heats up 3 times higher)

The Sahara heats up by solar radiation by the energy of 6.3 x 109 MW = 2.1 Mio. brown coal power plants. That is why we have the global warming.

If the Sahara would be irrigated by means of solar seawa-
ter desalination plants, clouds would cool the earth with 6.3 x 109 MW because they would reflect the sun beams back.

In the climate conference December 2010 they just limit the temperature rise to a maximum of 2 degrees - but do not solved the problem with it.
If the problem would not be so dangerous death-serious, it would be to laugh!

Television 2016-09-14: "The rivers in Germany carry less and less water".
The deserts are spreading also to Germany, they'll just roll over us if the heat in drought areas is not dissipated.
Then lot's of refugees will come because they multiply in Africa, although fewer and fewer fishes are caught,
because they have no perspective.

It can not be that it's admitted that there are cut down trees in the african Congo area! - Who is making his profit out of it?
- And the climate protection people have to build with multiple higher monetary cost solar seawater desalination plants,
for plant watering, to dissipate heat by evaporation of water?

The cheated people (we) do not realize that because we are bemused with CO2-talk!
The climate conferences make it very simple with the CO2 denunciation; with this they make the people stupid (us!).
They themselves can not believe that they can solve the problem of global warming with the cheapest means (CO2 pollution, electric cars)!
The problem of global warming is thus solved in no way! We only have 0.04% CO2 in the air.
Animals die of thirst!  More and more forest areas burn!
Please!  It can not be that the climate conference speakers / members do not know what to do, if they are advised by the climate research centers!  They please shall honestly
say, "We only want a cheap solution", then one can estimate the consequences of the sure failure of the climate protection efforts.  Otherwise, they make themselfes guilty of these consequences.
In my opinion this is an almost already criminal "making the people stupid".  The consequences of the global earth warming are presented here on this website at the end.

As paradoxical as it sounds:
As long as there are enough plants, global warming has nearly nothing to do with CO2. I repeat: nearly N o t h i n g , because
║ the plants have a higher CO2 conversion rate at a higher CO2 concentration, then the plants get fleshy leaves, this has already
║ been tested, that once came on TV (Phoenix; Carbon dioxide fertilizer effect), this the Dutch use for tomato cultivation.
CO2 denouncement is the completely wrong solution!
But when the plants disappear altogether, then they do not make it any more!
║ Then you can forget our luxury of 0.04% CO2 in the air! Then we are fast at 0.4% ,  4% (exhaled air) ,  9% (death)
║ Then they determine in the climate conferences, how much% CO2 they want to allow maximum - and are on the very wrong solution way!
This way it does not go !!!   Make sure that plants settle again!   Plants feed on CO2 !
As long as enough plants are there, you can drive around the whole world with your 300 hp sports car!

You do not need to research anything about earth climate!
S a v e   t h e   m o n e y !
You just have to take away the heat!

Important message:
Tagesschau September 30, 2016: The climate agreement has been ratified.
Tagesschau November 04, 2016: The Paris Climate Agreement is in force today, but how to implement it?
News November 07, 2016: Climate Conference: Delegates from nearly 200 countries meet in Marrakech
News November 15, 2016: "2016 is the warmest year since weather observations." <-- Does not anyone wake up?
News November 19, 2016: Marrakech's results: They are cheering and want to get out of coal, gas and oil by 2050.
                                                                 Then forests must be cut down in order to be able to heat. In case of robbery deforestation, the cause of global warming continues to be. Underground fire in USA.
News November 25, 2016: Researchers register heat wave at the North Pole. "This can end catastrophically if we do not do something".
I-News December 07, 2016: The ice surface of the Arctic was as small as never before since the beginning of satellite measurements 38 years ago. *)
News December 08, 2016: Momentarily biggest global species dying. Giraffes threatened with extinction. In 2015, there were only 97,000 giraffes (1985: 163,000).

*) I-News = News in the Internet

Imagine, you're driving and suddenly the heat of the engine is no longer dissipated - how hot the engine will going to be ?,
how far you are yet to come?

If the heat is not dissipated, you will not get ahead, even with CO2 denouncement !
The heat dissipation is absolutely necessary.  That every engineer knows!  This is what every engineer learns in training!

Currently there is exactly the same thing with the earth climate: The heat is not dissipated!

So what's to do?

In order to cool the global earth climate, be sure the heat in hot arid regions must be dissipated!

Hot arid regions have to be watered  s a l t  f r e e , that the water can evaporate again to fulfill the important purpose:
to meet the heat dissipation

(Economical) plants have the large sheet surface necessary for the water vaporescendation.

There are 2 possibilities for their irrigation:

1. Possibility with solar seawater desalination (expensive, no salting risk):
By means of solar sea water desalination plants plentifully existing sea water (approx. 3% salt content) can be desalted
with minimum of energy, they are compared to other desalination procedures relative to the energy consumption unbeatable!
(Briefly explained: Solar sea water desalination plants consist of rectangular water bassins with diagonal, airproof glass top covers, at which
inside 4 ltr./(sqm·day) condensed water runs down and is diverted in grooves. With 1 square meter solar sea water desalination plant can be
watered at least 4 square meter area of agricultural crop land.)
Thickened seawater must be processed or back-pumped again to the sea, in order to prevent a salting (sole max. 8% salt content,
otherwise deposits sublimate). Thus the sea would not get salted, since the quantity of water on earth remains constant.
╔═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗   ☺☻ ♪♫ ☻☺
║             Solar Seawater Desalination Plants are our good luck in the bad luck !                   ☻☺ ♪♫♪ ☺☻
║                   They are the silk thread on which the world's fate depends !                         

2. Possibility: Irrigation with river water (favorable, but salting risk, ex. Nile environment):
Attention! Also by fresh water areas can salt in 10-15 years!
A desalting can be prevented through
- Irrigation only in areas, in those winter rain washes salt out of the soil (but the aim to do are drought areas).
- Irrigation only at night that the water does not evaporate, before it is taken up by the earth/plant.
- Cultivation of salt-resistant plants, e.g. barley and
- as small irrigation as possible (droplet irrigation of Israeli irrigation specialists). The salt is harvested away with the plant.
Parallel to this one should try to gain a net yield from the watering (see below). If then in the areas the rain falls increase (should be),
one could try without expensive sea water desalination plants to expand irrigation areas / move with success.

3. Only short possibility: Irrigation with underground water resources (Libya):
Advantage: - Irrigation cools the global climate.
Disadvantage: - Elephants do no more find water places!
                        - predatory exploitation, the ground water level sinks.
In Libya there must have been a gold-digger atmosphere with this "Great Man made River Projekt".
Then it was criminally bombed in 2011 by NATO combat aircraft !
Was there really a civil war in Libya, or was it instigated from outside ("Staged reason for war"; "humanitarian action") ?
Internet search "The real background for the Libyan war" , "What became of Gaddafi's "Great Man made River Project"?":
Gaddafi's Great Man Made River project (worth $ 70 billion), the world's largest water project, was made for to turn Libya and other African states into a fertile garden.
In 2011, NATO combat aircraft destroyed important parts of the mega project and virtually crippled the entire water supply of Libya. Since then, Libya has depended on
only one source of water. The country today faces a humanitarian disaster.
Are we still in a state of law at all?
If there is really an interest in stopping global warming, then the big water pipes should be repaired
in order to use them for irrigation purposes - but also waterplaces for animals must be set up!

Comparison stove plate - climate heating:
There are 3 only 2 possibilities to cool a glowing stove plate:
1. Switching off ==> that’s not possible with the climate: The sun cannot be switched off.
2. Put a water pot on it ==> corresponds with the climate: To water drought areas, in order to dissipate the warmth
     - thus the stove plate / the earth climate is cooled efficiently.
3. Reduce the CO2 in the room air ==> will thereby the stove plate be cooled? - surely not.(!)
We are all ourselves on the frying pan!  (†)
We can only cool the temperature by water evaporation!

If one likes really to have a success in stopping the climate heating, one must proceed according to this old proven, thermodynamic principle
of the climate cooling:
In drought areas economical plants should have to be watered (salt-free).
The economical plants vaporescend the water - this is at first sight a loss, but by the heat dissipation the condition for the vitally important
clouds-formation is created, since by the water vaporescence the air becomes cooler and more humid.

This is - based on the functioning since stone age, natural principle of the climate cooling – a surely effective, not yet discussed possibility
to cool the global earth climate.

Besides it would create jobs and would promote the international cooperation.
Economically regarded the crop yield of the economical plants is small, but the net yield of solar cells is also not higher, since it must be paid
by the public over a too expensive electricity tariff.
Solar cells don’t solve e.g. no food problems, no forest fire problems, etc. - but they could drive cooling water pumps in drought
areas, in order to work thereby against food- and forest fire problems.

At night clouds prevent the long wavy radiation of heat into outer space and warm thereby, they care for a moderate day-night temperature
difference (in deserts the day night temperature difference amounts up to 50K because of missing clouds).
According to the satellite study (GEO March 1989, see below) the refreshing sun shielding effect of the rain clouds outweighs however
clearly: Without clouds it would be warmer on earth approximately 10 degrees.
So clouds cool the global earth climate since the stone age - not only regonal.

The statement, that the largest part of the greenhouse effect would be caused by water vapour in the atmosphere, is misleading and
possibly not completely correct, since thereby the clouds effects are not considered. Rain clouds in the lowest atmosphere layer (troposphere)
radiate sunbeams back before they are converted on the earth's surface into long-wave heat radiation.

A scientific-critical analysis of senior Meteorologist, Dipl. Met. Dr. Wolfgang Thüne you find on the side www.schmanck.de.
But for legal reasons I can assume no responsibility for statements of this Internet side.

By means of (solarly desalted) water irrigated areas would solve several problems:  ☺♪♫♪♫☻
1.) Jobs are created due to the building of solar sea water desalination plants, pipings and pumps, energised by solar cells,
     At least, then the Africans have a perspective and thus no more motivation, to procreate many children.
     Thus international cooperation would be promoted,  lower theft risk than with solar cells,
     Later, jobs are created by the cultivation of the sugar cane fields, in order to gain the climate-neutral bioethanol.

2.) Direct cooling of the earth climate by immediate heat dissipation over the vaporescending water. Thus the condition for the vital clouds
     formation is created. Developing rain clouds reflect the sunbeams (enormous amount of heat of Ee0=1,37 kW/m²) back to the universe
     at daytime and so altogether cool the global earth climate.

3.) Energy: Salt-free irrigated sugar cane plants can be distilled to climate neutral bioethanol, which is even storable.
     Bioethanol is the fuel of the future - hopefully.
     It's a big future market, the waste and residual materials can be reused as a fertilizer, instead of lithium batteries of e-cars as electrical scrap
     to Africa!

to 1.) Jobs:   ☻ ♪♫ ☺   ☻☺ ♪♫♪ ☺☻
a.) Globalization Anxiety (and job loss) is counteracted by creating the above mentioned, new, important jobs.
b.) good harvests through good rain. Satisfied farmers. Wars for water would be prevented,
c.) the refugee problem would ease itself, fewer migration movements due to economical escape - instead of increasing refugee streams,
d.) The cooling water must be pumped to the solar desalination plants, therefore it requires a lot of pipelines.
     Everything must be transported with trucks and trains.
e.) If the climate temperature control is stable, then there is always work, then the stability of the pension system is also ensured.
     You can go in retirement peacefully (All drought-plagued countries have high unemployment ==> future anxiety ==> stress).
f.) foodstuffs would be immediately at place, instead of to transport them energy expensive with ships and airplanes (!),
     but they please shall not multiply so much. The earth is overpopulated.
g.) diseases and poverty are prevented by making available clean water as base of life, hopefully also for animals.

to 2.) Global earth's climate cooling:   ☺ ♪♫ ☻   ☺☻ ♪♫ ☻☺
a.) thus fewer forest fires, forest would spread completely from alone again. It’s not necessary to plant trees,
b.) further desertification would be effectively prevented by refreshing water vaporescendation,
c.) It rains again. Animals finally find something to drink or one should branch off something from the desalination plants,
     then animals evaporate water through their exhaled air and thus cool the climate. The animal species dying would be reduced (bees)
     - the animal species dying is a serious warning (citation: “before humans the creature comes”), methan is no problem!
d.) by more rain, lower air pollution and smaller polling load for allergy sufferers, less life-threatening heat shocks,
e.) fewer parasits by cooler winters, thus one needs less gene manipulation / pesticides, which make trouble to the bees,
      Plants would not have to be sprayed so much, less poison would be brought into the environment.
f.) the storms on earth would be more evenly and weaker.
     On the one hand rain falls decrease over land (that could possibly strengthen with glacier decrease) - on the other hand over the sea
     evaporates ever more water with warmer climate. As well known from this latent (=hidden) evaporation energy tropic hurricanes obtain
     their energy
. So earlier harmless, climatic conditions should be created again by means of irrigation drought areas,
g.) clouds created also by the sea would have several points of condensation, where they could rain down distributed and thus more safely.
     Thus there were no more so many land floodings
     (Winds blow landinward during the day, since during the day the sun heats air over the ground more strongly than over the water, thus
     air ascends over country, it gives a negative pressure, cool air reflows from the sea (source: GEO Compact No.9, weather and climate)),
h.) The increase of the sea water levels would be stopped. In the cooler seawater more oxygen dissolves => more fish => satisfied fishermen.
i.)  by the new clouds-formation in previous drought areas kilometres-wide growing vegetation would assimilate tons of CO2 to oxygen.
     A smaller CO2-content lets radiate long-wave heat rays more easily out in the universe.

to 3.) Energy:   ☻ ♪♫ ☺   ☻☺ ♪♫♪ ☺☻
a.) Electricity would be cheaper, because power plants have a higher efficiency due to cooler cooling water.
     As paradoxical as it sounds - If there is enough vegetation, coal-fired power plants are no problem.
     All (coal)power plants that are cooled with water evaporation coolers (cooling towers) create a cloud that reflects the sun's rays and
     thus cool the climate. Wind power and solar cells do not evaporate water, so they do not cool the climate !

This listing shows the coherent interrelationships.

Solar cells and wind energy plants solve as regenerative energy sources only the problems No. 1 and 2i very unsatisfactorily.
The remaining above mentioned problems are not at all solved thereby, since they vaporescend no gram water and thus dissipate also no warmth.
But they could be used in drought areas to generate electric power for irrigation pumps - before the above mentioned problems
become rampant so much that world-wide for ever more people the living conditions become more difficult.

You need a yield, otherwise you can not stop the global warming!  You must have at least half the cooling capacity of 1.26 x10¹º MegaWatt, which costs you !
Net yield possibilities, drought areas should be seen as chance:   ☻☺
By high sun exposure energy is present in abundance,
     solar cells could produce much energy for cooling water pumps with high efficiency,
the soil has plenty minerals and thus fruitful,
     by high sun exposure economical plants would grow in good taste.
Salt meadow sheep could nourish themselves of salt plants (halophyts).
possibility of magnesium production for light carparts out of the returned, thickened saltwater,
     which is up-concentrated in the sea water desalination plants (as at the dead sea; magnesium price currently: approx. 2 USD/kg),
land creation / land winning,

sugarcane could be cultivated and distilled to bio alcohol. In Brazil 12% of the fuel need is covered thereby earthpositive, there's
    a huge future market, the waste and residual materials can be reused as a fertilizer, instead of lithium batteries of e-cars as electrical scrap to Africa!

    Bioethanol from sugar cane is the climate neutral fuel of the future, even storable - hopefully.

     At the same time, water vaporises through the sugar cane leaves, so the heat is dissipated, thus the global earth climate is cooled.
     Two flies can be struck with one flap.

How much bioethanol could be obtained if only 1/4 of the Sahara land would be actively irrigated for sugar cane, beginning from the edge?
Perhaps this is enough to have enough cooling against global warming, because the clouds spread and animals also have space.
Important: The water must be able to evaporate / vaporise! It must not be trapped in film greenhouses!

Arable field: 2300000 km²         1 km² = 100 Hectare (Ha)             Sugar price currently = 0.20 US Dollar per Pound.
                 = 2,300 x 108 Ha                                                            Hectare yield of sugar cane: about 60 ... 70 to / hectare per year. --> chosen 65 tons/hectare.
                 = 1,495 x 1010 tons sugar cane per year                       80 kg of sugar cane produce 8.5 kg of sugar, so devide by 9,412.
                 = 1,588 x 109 tons sugar per year                                  From 1 kg of sugar, 0.5 liter. Bio-ethanol can be distilled, so devide by 2.
                 = 7,942 x 108 cubic meters of bioethanol per year         Bio-Ethanol costs about 1 €/liter at the gas station. It is exempt from mineral oil tax.
                 = 66.184.896 cubic meters of bioethanol per month      4 billion car drivers, so devide by 4 billion.
                 =            16.5 liters bioethanol for each car driver per month

If from 8 billion people on the world only 4 billion drive car, then everyone gets 16.5 liters of bioethanol per month to tank into the car.

So where is the problem?
Then you have no energy problem anymore, if the overstated human reproduction finally stops.

Thus the problem of global warming normally is solved. This is only a plant construction problem.
This is not so difficult.

Yes, do the 40000 experts at the Climate Conferences have no basic maths knowledge?
They hide behind their intimidation statements, e.g. "Climate processes are much more complicated".
They should not work this way!

   But now there is work to do!
There are many films in the internet, enter the search term "sugar into bioethanol distilling" or "magnesium production".

If this continues with the overstated growth of people, then you can forget success in climate protection.
Everyone wants a car and a warm home, so CO2 saving is     n  o  t     possible.
The animal world is pushed back more and more! Animals die from thirst!

Newscast 2007-03-13: "In the last 15 years the forest surface shrank around 12 millions hectares. To Every day 20000 hectar forest are going lost."

Humans increased the vital CO2-concentration by 7,4%, but doubled in few decades the nitrate circuit (factor 200… 310; laughing gas arises by
over-fertilization) and brought out FCKW at first.
The only thing now achieved was 15 October 2016: CFCs and HFCs are banned.
But thermodynamically, nothing is done which contributes to a cooling of the earth climate.

System diagram (only briefly):
- Old trees have priority place right! Please do not cut down the old trees. Follow also rules 22 and 23 of the Bishnoi: Never fall a tree.
- 4x more area sugar cane as a surface for solar seawater desalination plants (SSDP).
- Installation equipment: pipelines, pumps, pressure gauges, salt content control units which initiate the filling and emptying process of the SSDP, etc.
- area for solar cells to provide the energy for the cooling water pumps, that pump the seawater to the solar seawater desalination plants and
   up to 8% salt content up concentrated water back again or for the further processing of magnesium production.
- area for plants for the production of magnesium.
- arable area for crop cultivation / crop management / crop rotation.

   Initial considerations for the above installation scheme:
   So 1000 ltr. sea water with 3% salt content (= 30kg salt) flow into the desalination plant, which derives 625 ltr. dest.water.
   Only 375 ltr. sea water with 8% salt content (= 30kg salt) flow out of the desalination plant, must be pumped back.
   The remaining 625 ltr. distilled water is used to irrigate arable land / sugar cane.

   Check valve in the suction or pressure line of a centrifugal pump (circular pump)?
   Check valve in the suction pipe: The intake suction pipe does not run empty. Pump does not fail because it sucks in water instead of air (advantage).
   Check valve in the pressure pipe: The pump is unpressurized as soon as it is switched off.

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 ║ How is it going to continue if the heat in deserts is not dissipated?                                       ۩ ... (†)
 ║ You do not see a science fiction here! - You see the real world in which You live!        FSK over 18
1.) The car- and gasoline tax is drastically raised due to CO2-reasons to finance e-mobility. Flight and ship passengers, shipping- and truck transport companies
     must pay an "environmental extra charge". The transport price of goods is increasing. Holiday- and business trips become more expensive.
     Since 5000 years the deserts are spreading, despite an earlier CO2 content of only 0.027% - so therefore the deserts spreading will advance go on further!
     Because the earth temperature limiting efforts are completely misaligned, they cannot lead to success and become increasingly difficult.
     The failure is pre-programmed, the earth temperature limiting efforts go backwards! Everything will get worse and worse!
     The amount of the damage surpasses your imagination!

     An "additional environmental tax" now must also be raised on oil, gas, electricity and garbage in order to be able to finance the more and more expensive
     climate temperature limitation efforts. Citizens protest. News: "1 Mio is approved for direct environmental projects".

2.) Already in 2007 older people were presented on television and they said: Here was once a river, we played there.
     Now 2016-09-13 was shown in the TV news (Tagesschau): In Germany, the rivers run less and less water.
     The deserts will spread even further, they will simply overrun us in Germany because of the forest fires.
     Now we are in the year 2030:
     On a new earth plan photo you can see that the sand-brown surface (=drought) has increased. No more only the Sahara is brown,
     but also Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, France. With the drought comes the unemployment all over the EU (see unemployment Spain, Syria).
     All southern EU countries need more and more money. The EU asks for help from Norway and Russia.

For continuation, see Part 2: www.globalwarming.rocks